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For a company, a university, a hospital…

  • Our solution is very simple to implement: you just need to download the plans of your premises into the application. You can also declare the places that your visitors will be able to find via the search engine
  • You do not have any technical installations to set up or maintain, OwnMap takes care of everything
  • You manage updates to your plans directly via the administration interface without delay or cost.

OwnMap is for anyone who wants to share the plans of their premises with their visitors.

OwnMap is a new online application allowing companies, administrations, shops, and other large structures to put online a map of their premises to simplify the lives of their visitors.


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Shopping centers

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OwnMap was created by a team of experienced French engineers who were confronted with the problem of localization in large buildings without the subject justifying devoting a significant budget to it. OwnMap is the response that these engineers wanted to provide to this problem.


fully adapted to mobile platforms


between 2 points on the map

Calculation engine

fully automated, no tasks required


Via a simple link or a QR Code

How much does the subscription cost?

The standard OwnMap service is free with the display of an advertising banner for visitors and limited storage.

It will be possible to remove the display of advertisements for your visitors via a subscription of €49 excluding tax/month.

Formulas offering greater storage capacity will also be offered later.



With Advertissements

49€HT / month

No Advertissements

99€HT / month

Advanced Features

During its launch period, OwnMap offers exceptional conditions to its first users:

  • complete free service (without advertisements) for a period of 6 months
  • personalized support by messaging
    the possibility of taking charge of all or part of the initial implementation of your plans.
  • This service will be invoiced according to a personalized quote.



We have tested the application within Parisian universities.

The application can be operational at your home in a very short time. We must have maps of the targeted location in order to integrate it into the system. You also have the option of carrying out this operation yourself. Once the maps are integrated, you can immediately start using the application.



Many new features are in preparation to further improve the service offered to your visitors

OwnMap is also very attentive to its customers and prioritizes the development of its offer taking into account feedback and expectations.



The Benefits of ownMap for People with Reduced MobilityModern technology opens up new perspectives to improve everyone's daily life. Among the most significant advances, applications dedicated to people with reduced mobility stand out by offering routes adapted to...

Version 03.03.2024

Version 03.03.2024

Updated 03/25/2024Added a button to swap the start and finish for a route. Mise en évidence de l’escalier ou l’ascenseur lors d’un changement de niveau Highlighting the floor displayed when changing floors. When editing a map, it is now possible to click on points,...

version upgrade fall 2023

version upgrade fall 2023

This new mode allows you to configure all the corridors of your building on your map. This allows the user to be guided more precisely on the map. The other route modes, by point or by zone, remain active and can be supplemented by corridor mode. At the card...

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