Find your way around an airport in 1 click

Stop looking for your departure or arrival terminal.

Easily find your terminal, dining or shopping locations.

Even late, running through the airport to catch your plane, your stress will go down thanks to ownMap.

In 1 click, you will be guided through the airport to your destination.

For those who have time, you will easily find strategic points such as toilets, places to eat, vehicle rentals…

Why choose ownMap?

Unlike traditional signage based on displays and printed plans, the ownMap interactive map has many advantages for a trade show and for users.

An interactive map is always available, fits in your pocket, has a high level of detail and can be easily and quickly updated in the event of changes.

You can also very simply transmit a position via a simple link by SMS, or email for example.

Highly appreciated by users, the service provided by an interactive OwnMap map leaves a lasting impression and reinforces the image of the show or forum.

The speed of its implementation and its low cost are therefore extremely advantageous.