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The Benefits of ownMap for People with Reduced Mobility

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ownMap offers routes suitable for People with Reduced Mobility

Modern technology opens up new perspectives to improve everyone’s daily life. Among the most significant advances, applications dedicated to people with reduced mobility stand out by offering routes adapted to their specific needs. These applications play a crucial role in the autonomy and facilitation of the daily life of people with disabilities.

Increased accessibility

One of ownMap’s main contributions is its ability to make spaces in your buildings more accessible. By providing optimized routes for people with reduced mobility, ownMap helps to break down physical barriers and promote more harmonious integration into your structure or establishment.


Saving time and energy

The routes proposed by ownMap, by checking the “Reduced mobility” option, take into account potential obstacles such as steps and stairs. By avoiding these obstacles, users can save time and energy by taking more direct and passable paths, including elevators.


Promotion of independence

By facilitating daily navigation, ownMap strengthens the independence of people with reduced mobility. ownMap provides the ability to plan and execute trips without constantly relying on external help, thereby boosting users’ self-confidence.


We wish, through this option available on the ownMap application, to offer a significant step forward towards a more inclusive society. By providing adapted routes, ownMap helps to break down barriers and offer greater autonomy to people with disabilities. By investing in the development and continuous improvement of such options, we can create more accessible environments and promote equitable mobility for all.

Thus, we wish to go further in this approach by continuing to enrich the possibilities offered to People with Reduced Mobility. In particular, we plan to soon integrate specific points, such as access ramps and elevators reserved for people with disabilities.

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