Improved routes in corridor mode

This new mode allows you to configure all the corridors of your building on your map. This allows the user to be guided more precisely on the map. The other route modes, by point or by zone, remain active and can be supplemented by corridor mode.

At the card administration level, a 3rd choice is therefore available in order to be able to configure the corridors of the building.

Routes in PMR mode

Integration of routes in PMR (Person with Reduced Mobility) mode is currently in place within the route calculation engines. These will avoid stairs to the detriment of elevators.

Integration into the administration mode will be done in the next version. Future versions will also allow you to configure a staircase, if it has a ramp for example, to authorize it or not in PMR route mode.


Building pools

If your cards come in several buildings, it is now possible to create pools of buildings by grouping several cards together. Thus, it is possible for the user to search for a place in a building A from a building B. If a place is named identically in 2 different buildings, the choice is left to the user to select the ‘either.

The next version will allow creating multiple building pools.


Ergonomic improvements to routes and administration mode

In order to simplify user guidance in route mode, the ergonomics have been improved. Unnecessary information and icons are then hidden so as not to disturb the user. Guidance information has been improved.

In administration mode, a first phase of ergonomic improvement has been implemented, and will continue in future developments. The idea being to place the card at the center of the administration mode, on which the administrator builds his card using simple, ergonomic and intuitive tools to use.


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