Allow your patients and their visitors to move around stress-free

So that their movements within a hospital are facilitated.

Your patients will easily find a service, a doctor

For all consultation appointments, you offer your patients the opportunity to easily visit the doctor’s office.

Fewer delays for your patients, a better respected schedule for each doctor.

Give visitors the ability to find their loved one’s room without added stress

Reception staff will be less required to guide visitors to their loved ones’ rooms.

Offer support to visitors in sometimes difficult times.

Whether you are a patient, staff, student, visitor…

Why choose ownMap?

The staff within each hospital experience heavy workloads.

Lightening or facilitating the work of certain staff is one of our concerns:

  • Our solution is very simple to implement: you just need to download the plans of your premises into the application. You can also declare the places that your visitors will be able to find via the search engine
  • You do not have any technical installations to set up or maintain, OwnMap takes care of everything
  • You manage updates to your plans directly via the administration interface without delay or cost.
  • ownMap is very easily sincere in all your publications or electronic signatures