ownMap plans are useful when used. And they will be used if your users know they are available.

This is why it is important to communicate and facilitate access to your plans for your users.

We have listed here some examples of actions to be taken for this.

Include links in signage

Whether at the reception, at the arrival of each floor or in the locations that you deem useful, place a poster with the sharing link, ideally in QrCode, on a poster.

It is important that the message is short and clear so that everyone immediately understands what the link to your ownMap is for.

To retrieve the QrCode of a place, you just have to display it in ownMap and open the sharing link.

Include the location link in your invitations

When you send an invitation, it is interesting to associate an ownMap link to this place. Your visitors will be delighted and can then use this link to find their way more generally.

It’s also easy to embed a link to your office directly into your eMail signatures.

All ideas are good

There are obviously no limits to the means of communicating your plans. It depends on your target (employees, suppliers, customers, visitors, students, etc.), and the tools you have put in place. Here are some examples of problems from real situations:

  • Display in the practical information of the website
  • Link in the mobile application and in the timetables of a university
  • Display on a touch screen in common areas
  • Presentation of the card in the welcome booklet for new staff
  • Presentation in the presentation brochure of a forum, an exhibition
  • Etc.

The important is to keep in mind that communication is one of the essential elements for the wide use of your card and therefore the service it will provide.