You are a professional exhibitor

It is obvious that your location will be the key to the success of your salon. A bad location and you can say goodbye to the profitability expected during the few days of the show. Worse, by counting all the costs incurred for the salon, you could even be in the red. This is obviously not the purpose of such an experiment.

A good location is not everything, but it does contribute to the success of your salon. Unfortunately, good places are expensive, especially if you are new to the trade.

Fortunately, a solution exists. And if you prefer an exhibition in the shows mapped via OwnMap? A mapped show will allow you to gain visibility regardless of your location. Visitors will be able to find you easily from the moment your product interests them. Being referenced on an internal map will bring visitors to you.

That’s when you can really give your product a chance, even if your location isn’t in the main aisle.

You are a visitor to a trade show, a forum

A living room is a real maze composed most of the time of a large number of aisles, crossing at multiple intersections. Often, a fair is even spread over several buildings.

However, you are not interested in everything, and that is normal. We usually travel with exhibitors that we don’t want to miss.

To avoid looking for the exhibitor that attracts you the most, using OwnMap will save you time. Going straight to the point to satisfy your impatience is then possible by simply scanning a QR code and entering the name of the exhibitor you are looking for. Nothing to download, it’s even easier!

You will then quickly realize that you will have time to wander around the aisles if you wish, you will have already seen all your essentials for a successful visit.

In short…

Whether you are a visitor or an exhibitor at a show, an internal cartography offered by OwnMap will help to meet you, to the delight of everyone.

The digitization of the forum plans, accessible to trade fair visitors, thus contributes to increasing encounters between exhibitors and visitors.