The need for positionning

Companies with large premises are often faced with this problem: how to get your bearings and find a specific place when you do not know the place?

While this is often true for customers and other external audiences, employees themselves may have difficulties when they have just joined the company, when they have to go to unusual places, or following transformations.

If the company wishes to set up shared offices in the context of teleworking,
the need to find one’s bearings even becomes a key point in the transformation.

The advantages of an ownMap interactive map

Unlike traditional signage based on displays and printed plans, the ownMap interactive map has many advantages for the company and for users.

An interactive map is always available, fits in your pocket, has a high level of detail and can be easily and quickly updated in the event of changes.

You can also very simply transmit a position via a simple link by sms, or email for example.

Highly appreciated by users, the service provided by an OwnMap interactive map makes an impression and strengthens the company’s image.

The speed of its implementation and its low cost are therefore extremely advantageous.

How to proceed ?

The premises are gradually reopening after this complicated health period?

All users are now familiar with the use of digital tools.

To create your cartography, all you have to do is create your OwnMap account for free and create your maps in a few clicks.