The version 2022.07.00 was released on July 16, 2022

The list of changes in this version is as follows:

Added internet links and OwnMap links

For each location, you can now define an internet link that will be presented when the location is selected. Clicking on this link will open the link in a new tab.

You can also define an OwnMap link. In this case, the link will open in the same window to allow the user to continue browsing. This type of link is particularly useful for going from one building to another or for making an overall plan leading to several buildings.

Display of floors in the location search window

When searching for locations, results now display the floor for each location. This allows the user to quickly identify whether the point is the one he is looking for or to immediately give him an indication of his position.

Improved management of mouse wheel zoom and double click / double tap

When zooming via the mouse wheel or when double clicking/double tapping, the zoom will zoom around the pointer or around the location of the double click/double tap.

Miscellaneous improvements

Several other visual, ergonomic and performance improvements have been made