ownMap is steadily improving and new features will be added soon.

But before looking at future developments, we would like to take stock of some of the features already present today, in April 2021.

Here we will focus on the features for your visitors.

A very intuitive interface adapted to mobile platforms

Today, most of your users will use their smartphones to find their way around your premises.
It is essential that the interface is perfectly suited for this purpose.
This is why ownMap was designed for main use on smartphones (a mobile first approach).
Additionally, many of your visitors will be using ownMap for the first time. It is essential that they immediately know how to use it without having to ask questions: what they want is to find their way.
The interface of ownMap is therefore very simple and intuitive to use.

A web application, immediately operational without installation

ownMap is an online service that does not require any technical installation on your part. This makes the solution extremely efficient for you and hassle free for your IT departments.
This dimension also applies to your visitors: no need for them to download and install an application on their smartphone to instantly access the links you send them. Their web browser is sufficient to provide all the functionality of ownMap.

Management and research of different types of locations

One of the features of ownMap is the ability to place places, such as offices, meeting rooms, toilets, etc., and assign them a code and a title.
Thus, your visitors can very easily and quickly search for a place in your map using the search function.

Multi-level management

Most of the uses of ownMap apply to large structures arranged on several levels.
OwnMap therefore natively integrates a multi-level management / allowing users to find any place from any level.

To communicate to your visitors the location of certain places, for an appointment, to indicate your office or that of a colleague, the easiest way is to provide them with a link which will immediately indicate the indicated location.
To do this, simply go to ownMap on the desired location and click on the share icon. The sharing link is then immediately presented and can be transmitted by any means, sms; mail etc.
It is also very easy to share the link to the map of your premises.

Feedback function

As always, it is always possible that a place has been forgotten or badly positioned. A feedback function allows your visitors to notify you of this type of problem but also to make suggestions.
This functionality also makes it possible to signal a possible technical problem but this kind of feedback will be dealt with directly by the ownMap team.

In short, ownMap allows you to very simply and quickly provide a real service and a positive experience within your premises.