How could we today do without our GPS when we move outdoors. Whether on foot, by bike or by car, we find our way using applications such as Maps, Wase or Plan.

It would no longer be conceivable to dust off our old paper road map. So why keep doing it inside buildings?

Today, to orient ourselves indoors, we are therefore still in the 80s, years during which we stopped to ask our way in the event that our paper map did not allow us to orient ourselves. Inside, if the signage does not enlighten us enough, we ask our way to whoever wants to help us.

So it’s time to enter the 21st century indoors too. This is why indoor mapping makes it possible to meet this need for evolution.

Concretely, what is indoor mapping?

As on our outdoor GPS, indoor mapping allows you to view the plans of the buildings in which we are. These plans are the basis of this device, allowing us to have an overview of the building by zooming in or zooming out. We can thus visualize the different floors, orient the plan in relation to our position, see the elements near our position, and above all visualize where we have to go.

Thus, finding the office of our appointment, the room of our meeting, the nearest toilets, or the nearest defibrillator will never have been so easy to find.

Who is it useful for?

If you are a member of this organization, indoor mapping allows you to easily find an employee’s office, the place of a meeting.

If you are not a member, it will also be very easy for you to find the meeting place for a job interview, for example. You participate in an event organized by an organization, you will find its location easily.

For which organization?

Interior mapping will be necessary for any organization wishing to modernize and give an innovative image of its activities.